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... as Bishop Berkeley almost noted in "Verses on the Prospect of Planting Art and Learning in America." Check out the network graphs here, and a larger version of the first.

Now, of course, I want more detailed graphs that break out the direction of translation. A-and one on movies and TV, with and without subtitles.

While taking a course in English as a second language in Temple's M.Ed program, I learned more about the English First Foundation and other organizations that are in a perpetual lather about All Those Immigrants Who Want Bilingual Accommodation And Will Bury Our Culture in Icky Foreignness Because They're Too Lazy to Learn the Way My Great-Great-Grandparents Did.

It's a classic moral panic, impervious to the evidence that (1) immigrants to the US today learn English faster than their predecessors, and (2) the poor beleaguered English language -- Mandarin and Hindi notwithstanding -- continues its 200-year roll as, global, uhh, lingua franca.

Civis romanus sum and SPQR too, beyotches!