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A 1957 Disney TV program called Our Friend the Atom included a sequence of mousetraps and ping-pong balls modeling a chain reaction (at 8:30 here)

It was stuffy and pedantic, but we loved it -- nobody talked about anything else at school all the next day -- because it was just SO COOL, like a million-domino run.

There have been several re-makes along the way, and now Pepsi has its turn:

OK, I know full well this is cane-waving, get-off-my-lawn, better-back-in-the-day geezer ranting... but the new one feels as if Pepsi's agency doesn't trust it to go viral just because it's cool and fun to watch and much more polished. No, it gets music, and a version 2.0 mirrored recap in Pepsi colors, and that social-media-friendly vibe from the "bookend" sequences of energetic young people setting it up and celebrating afterward (Occupy the Nucleus! Kickstart Fission!) I know they want to earn their money, but this feels like they're pre-emptively having my response for me.

I'm through grumbling now. Carry on.